Crypto for Humanity: Changelly’s Crypto Talk with VEROS Fundraising Platform

Crypto talk Changelly x VEROS Fundraising platform

What’s the meaning of innovations if they don’t bring a positive impact to those fields that make our world a better place? Today’s guest at “Crypto Talk on Changelly” is Nik Gadzhiev, founder and CEO at VEROS Fundraising platform – an optimized platform aimed at fundraising for direct charity, eco-high-tech projects, and revolutionary innovation. Together with Nik, Eric figured out why it is so important to bring blockchain and crypto to non-profit organizations around the globe.

Hello, Nik, and welcome to “Crypto Talks on Changelly”. Tell our readers more about the VEROS Fundraising Platform? What is it aiming for? Which components are involved? 

VEROS Fundraising Platform ( is an optimized platform aimed at fundraising for direct charity, eco-high-tech projects, and revolutionary innovation. Another primary goal of VEROS FP lies in preserving wildlife, improving environmental conditions and living standards of people on the planet.

We are convinced that you can achieve the maximum synergy effect with an integrated approach to creating a technological and friendly future. It is possible to significantly improve the standard of living, to form a new present and bright future for the Earth using a global approach to the analysis and elimination of environmental problems. To do this, it is enough to combine blockchain, eco-technologies, and investments in one place.

A platform combines revolutionary eco- projects, investors, international non-profit organizations and buyers of innovative products in one place! We create the opportunity to use all possible types of legal payment assets on our platform, for future assistance to non-profit organizations and change the future in various aspects.

VEROS Fundraising Platform consists of several parts that create a comprehensive tool.

  • Digital Hearts | international charity service with zero Commission and direct funding with support of Fiat and cryptocurrency assets. 
  • News | (. news of charity, eco-innovation and blockchain. 
  • Future Store| – it is a service that will help you to meet and purchase revolutionary innovative products and services in one place.
  • ATLAS will act as an intermediary between venture funds, Eurozone direct investors and innovative environmental projects. 
  • Wallet+ | the processing core, it will be able to buy products and services in the eco-trading pool (Marketplace), invest in eco-high-tech projects, promptly send transfers to the accounts of charities, commercial projects and organize private collections

These are the values that we apply:

  • Сonsolidation. | Attract the maximum number of loyal international organizations and communities for consolidation of efforts and promotion of platform services
  • Image. | Creating a stable image platform as a place with an integrated approach to change the quality of life of people, animals and the integrity of the natural resources.
  • Investing. | Investing in environmental projects aimed at improving life and the environment.
  • Creation. | Creating own projects and activities that will focus on improving the environment and people’s lives.
  • Mission. | Spreading the idea of wildlife conservation, solving humanitarian problems and using eco-innovative technologies in the world.

How many charitable organizations are accepting crypto to date with the help of your platform? What are they?

The partnership with Changelly opens up great prospects for raising funds for charity in cryptocurrency. Thanks to the integration of the Changelly instant crypto exchange feature, our platform has the ability to receive donations in over 150 cryptocurrencies. 

We have launched the first cryptocurrency fees for UNICEF France UNICEF France thanked our project for the work done. We will make every effort to help raise funds for this wonderful organization. 

We are constantly working to connect new non-profit organizations for the development of our initiative.

You cooperate with such global humanitarian organizations as Unicef, Greenpeace, etc. How do they feel about the blockchain era? Are they oriented on innovations as much as VEROS FP?

UNICEF Innovation (France) is the First international non – profit organization that has become a flagship for raising funds in cryptocurrency. We are creating a completely transparent fundraising tool for non-profit organizations. Working with international NGO’s imposes a great responsibility.

I believe that in the near future most NGO’s will join the initiative to use cryptocurrencies as means of raising funds. Our team is currently negotiating with international organizations specializing in wildlife conservation and environmental improvement in 67 countries around the world.

How did you come up with the idea to integrate blockchain solutions into your platform? What are the major pluses that you see in decentralized technologies?

Blockchain technology is a wonderful new tool that can allow you to get rid of the human factor in many areas of life including charity. Blockchain technology can erase the boundaries for charity and make it more effective than ever.

So, the VEROS Fundraising Platform has the capability to receive crypto donations? How are such funds distributed afterward? Can contributors track donations on the blockchain?  

Funds will be sent directly to the accounts of international non-profit organizations. We work only on the system of direct financing and do not charge fees for charitable transfers. 

Users transfer funds and funds are immediately deposited to the account of the organization. In the future, we want to give the opportunity to create private charity fundraisers for people and institutions.

As to you, what are the main problems of crypto and blockchain at the moment, which do not give the opportunity to integrate it everywhere?

  • Lack of integration with international organizations and institutions. 
  • No applied use in the eyes of international organizations and institutions. 
  • Lack of blockchains that ‘s fully ready to work as corporate networks. 

You are also developing your own blockchain, which is inspiring. Tell us more about it.  What projects will relate to it? What role will the blockchain’s native cryptocurrency play?

The VRS Token will participate in the ecosystem as one of the means for making donations, buying eco-products and investing in innovative projects.

On your platform, you also find investments for innovative products. Tell us a few words about them?

The creation of an investment platform (Atlas by Veros FP ) for eco-innovative projects is still under development, but we are rapidly moving towards its implementation.

Atlas is a platform that helps to raise funds for the implementation of ECO-high-tech projects. The Atlas platform should solve the problems of finding financing for innovative projects in the field of ecology and improving the living standards of the population. With this service, we want not only to help people and nature, but also help to create technologies that can help humanity enter an environmentally friendly future.

How do you think the ideal humanitarian organization of the future should look and work? What role should blockchain play in it?

It is a very difficult question but at the same time, it’s a very interesting one. The main problem is the creation of criteria for assessing the amount of assistance for those in need. The presence of the human factor in decision-making will always be an element of error.

The ideal humanitarian organization of the future must meet a number of requirements:

  • Targeted funding and delivery of aid;  
  • An intelligent system for assessing aid volumes based on AI;
  • System of instant delivery of physical or financial assistance using advanced technologies(robotics, AI, Blockchain, etc.); 
  • Plus the minimal presence of human factors.

Is there anything you’d like to add? Anything crucial you want people to know? And thank you so much for the interview! 

VEROS Fundraising Platform project created the initiative World Initiative Development Charity Innovations 

WIDCI was created to solve the problem of attracting large benefactors and developing innovations in the field of charity.

World Initiative Development Charity Innovations | WIDCI is an international community uniting leading IT companies using innovative technologies to support the work of international non-profit organizations in the field of environmental protection and humanitarian problems.

Work is underway to connect to the initiative WIDCI. Currently, negotiations are underway with it-companies (Coinbene, Binance, P2PB2B, IDAX, and others.)

Thanks a lot for this inspiring conversation, Nik! And as we always say: “Have a nice swap!”