Changelly’s August Digest

Summer 2020 was filled with beneficial partnerships and remarkable cryptocurrency events. In August, instant crypto exchange Changelly and full-featured cryptocurrency exchange Changelly PRO introduced new ways to earn crypto. Moreover, a range of new and promising tokens joined the family of 160+ crypto assets already listed on Changelly. We wrote about the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020 and provided many other important crypto basics. If you happen to miss anything interesting, then Changelly’s August Digest is a great chance to fill all the gaps. Here we go. 

Topic of the Month 

Changelly Earn — New Way to Earn Crypto

changelly earn affiliate program
Changelly Earn

Changelly is constantly seeking new ways to enhance the functionality of its service. That is why we’ve upgraded our affiliate program to bring a brand new product that lets you earn Bitcoin or Ether in just a few clicks — Changelly Earn

Changelly Earn provides every affiliate partner with up to 50% of Changelly’s revenue from crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto transactions. Changelly Earn introduces a range of tools such as payment widgets and buttons, banners, referral links and many others. Once added to your platform or introduced to your community, these tools are going to help you earn passive income. 

Changelly Earn — How to earn with our Affiliate Program?

Changelly PRO Launches Referral Program

Changelly PRO Referral Program
Changelly PRO

Full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange Changelly PRO has also launched its Referral Program that aims to provide traders with additional earnings. By inviting friends via a referral link, traders can start making profits immediately. If users invited via your referral link start trading on Changelly PRO, you will receive 50% of their trading fees. Bring a friend and start earning crypto in just several clicks.

Сhangelly PRO Launches Referral Program | Invite Friends & Earn in Crypto

Changelly Adds ROOBEE Token to the Family of 160+ Available Assets 

roobee and changelly partnership

The native token of blockchain-based investment platform Roobee is now listed on Changelly. 

As of today, the ROOBEE token can be seamlessly purchased with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard), bank transfer or Apple Pay. It also can be swapped to over 160 digital assets

Roobee enhances the decentralized investment banking sector, while the ROOBEE token helps to maintain the proper environment within the ecosystem. Users can start investing with just $10. With native UX/UI and a wide variety of investment instruments, the Roobee platform is the perfect place to take the first steps in the field of crypto investments.

Changelly to Welcome NUT Token 

NUT stands for Native Utility Token and is utilized within the Equilibrium ecosystem. The token plays a key role in the Equilibrium’s framework governance mechanism. It aims to be a payment instrument that is used for paying fees associated with liquidating the collateralized positions users create when they issue EOSDT. Changelly is glad to embrace the NUT token and to add it to the list of available assets ready to be swapped and purchased. Exchange, buy and sell NUT tokens swiftly with Changelly.

Harmony Token Is Now Available on Changelly

With the goal to bring true decentralization to the world of crypto finances, Harmony enables secure and random state sharding. The platform provides a proper environment for DApp deployment. Currently, there are over 1,000 nodes in the Harmony network. The native token is called ONE, and it fuels the whole Harmony ecosystem. The token serves as a payment instrument for gas, storage and transaction fees, and plays a crucial role in the Harmony on-chain governance. Listing on Changelly will boost the token’s recognition and provide quick access to it. ONE token can be swiftly purchased with credit cards, bank transfers or via Apple Pay, and swapped to 160+ crypto assets

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