Changelly Annual Digest: Wrapping Up the 2019 Crypto Year

Changelly crypto digest 2019

Hey there Changellions!?

The year 2019 was a rollercoaster for the crypto industry. Crypto bulls and bears had opposed each other while mutually influencing the way the industry had developed. With each day more and more people tend to call attention to cryptocurrencies. Entrepreneurs all around the world learn how to apply blockchain technology in various business niches. Hence, the technology itself gradually moves from the phase of early adopters to the early majority phase. 

We summarized the company’s results for the past year, which we are proud of, and now would like to share our main achievements with you. Throughout the year 2019, we’ve been on a road to provide Changelly users with the multifunctional product and omnichannel live support to offer the best service with the best market conditions to our customers. To achieve that we took a complex approach with a set of concrete measures. 

In the new 2020, we’re continually working on our product development, to make it even more convenient and functional for you! Read on!

Changelly Growing Product

At Changelly we decided to increase our customers’ trust and loyalty by saving your time and money while exchanging cryptocurrency. Here’re some numbers to prove this point:

  • Along the year 2019, the fee for crypto-to-crypto transactions was reduced by 50%, from 0.5% to 0.25%. So now all Changelly users can exchange as much crypto as they want and not worry about the tiny fee amount;
  • The minimum exchange amount was reduced by 5 times on average;
  • The crypto purchase fee was also reduced by almost 33%, from 10% to 7,5%. This has been achieved by expanding the list of Changelly’s partners who provide fiat-to-crypto transactions;
  • Great Britain pound (GBP) was added to the list of fiat currencies accepted for the crypto purchases ;
  • The starting amount to purchase crypto was also reduced by half from 100 to 50 USD/EUR/GBP. 

All these improvements allowed Changelly to extend the boundaries for all curious minds willing to enter the crypto industry, thus becoming a part of the world’s new blockchain revolution. 

Changelly Mobile on the App Store

Let’s continue with major developments of Changelly product throughout the year 2019. The product line was expanded with Changelly iOS mobile application. Thanks to that, today all the fans of iPhone usability can enjoy seamless crypto swaps on-the-go. But Changelly achievements in crypto space don’t stop there.

Selling Crypto with Changelly

Just imagine a situation in which you can not only invest in cryptocurrency but also seamlessly get your profit in fiat and be able to spend it on any possible needs. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

At the end of the year, the Changelly story was marked with a new milestone. The service was empowered with the option to sell crypto, thus making the crypto-fiat gateway work both ways. The new “Sell crypto” feature allows users to withdraw BTC into their “Single Euro Payments Area” (SEPA) bank account in EUR equivalent. This update was warmly received by crypto traders who make a serious income while trading cryptocurrency. 

Fixed-Rate Exchanges

Another prominent update was released to protect Changelly users from risk to lose crypto profit in a highly volatile market situation. With fixed-rate exchanges now users can freeze the rate at the beginning of the exchange, thus getting the guaranteed amount of crypto inside their wallets. 

Changelly Growing Numbers

Changelly Beloved Partners

The year 2019 was crypto-fruitful on partnerships and collaborations. 142 crypto projects from all around the world joined the ranks of Changelly API partners, thus bringing instant crypto exchange capabilities to millions of crypto enthusiasts globally. Prominent cryptocurrency wallets such as MyEtherWallet, Enjin gaming wallet, Jaxx Liberty, and many more empowered their innovative capabilities with the help of Changelly’s API. 

Joint giveaway from with Changelly's partners

Trusted by Millions

The number of Changelly all-time users exceeded 2 million people, thereby reinforcing Changelly’s leading position on the cryptocurrency market scale. 

New Coins Listed 

25 new coins have joined the list of cryptocurrencies available for seamless exchange through the Changelly service. Thus, the total number of currencies represented on the platform exceeded the mark of 150 coins and is confidently moving towards 200 cryptocurrencies.

Changelly Affiliate Program

The Changelly affiliate program has brought the service over 600 new affiliates who profit from each referral’s transaction and earn on a par with the Changelly service.

Changelly Growing Community

To sum it all up, we would like to thank all of the Changelly users. You inspire us to get better and set new ambitious goals. In return, we aim to always stay in touch with the user community. Throughout the year 2019 we’ve been expanding Changelly’s brand presence on the global scale. Changelly’s official blog and social media channels are being developed as essential elements of the brand’s communication strategy. Today our goal is to deliver high-quality content and to be able to give valuable feedback to all Changelly users worldwide. 

Changelly Official Blog

Over the past year, our small corporate blog grew into a competitive online crypto media with 60000 loyal subscribers, who receive weekly crypto news, latest cryptocurrency price predictions, Changelly promotions, and giveaways. Changelly official blog was translated in 7 different languages, namely: Spanish, Portuguese, Chainese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Japanese, and Russian.

Changelly Social Media Channels

We launched separate social media channels for the Asian and Latam crypto communities. To date, the number of our followers in social media channels has exceeded 110000 followers. The list of Changelly’s social media channels includes the most popular platforms. Choose the channel that suits you the best and join Changelly crypto-friendly community.

  1. Changelly Worldwide
    1. Twitter
    2. Facebook
    3. Linkedin
    4. Telegram
    5. YouTube
  2. Changelly Latam Region
    1. Twitter Portuguese
    2. Twitter Spanish
    3. Facebook Portuguese
    4. Facebook Spanish
    5. Instagram
  3. Changelly Asia
    1. Chinese Telegram
    2. Chinese Jinse
    3. Korean Telegram
    4. Steemit (English/Korean)
    5. Korean Naver


We at Changelly want to thank you for staying with us and encouraging us to accomplish our goals. Together we’ve done a lot in 2019 and plan on doing even more in the coming year. In 2020, our roadmap will continually focus on transparent and efficient solutions aiming to scale our service and provide high-quality user experience.

We are happy to have you on board and wish you a productive year 2020 full of inspiration and outstanding business opportunities! We promise to do our best to bring them to you.

Have a nice swap!