Buy Stellar with a Bank Card on Changelly!

Today is a really good day for the Stellar crypto community, as Changelly is here with some pleasant news. 

From now on, Stellar cryptocurrency is available for purchases with a bank card on Changelly. The option of buying Stellar for USD/EUR is provided by Changelly’s reliable partner Simplex. 

How to Implement Crypto Purchase

If you want to buy some Stellar with a bank card just follow a range of simple steps:

  • Set the amount of USD or EUR fiat currency, 
  • Choose Stellar as destination crypto,
  • Check the rate, insert your XLM wallet address and a destination tag, then proceed to exchange.

Below you’ll find the more detailed tutorial on how to buy crypto with a bank card through Changelly:

To date, there are seven cryptocurrencies available for a seamless purchase through Simplex, namely: BTC, ETH, BCH, BNB, LTC, XRP, and Stellar. For the rest of the cryptocurrencies listed in the service, fiat-to-crypto transactions from USD/EUR/GBP are provided by Indacoin.  

Stellar Brief Review

Found in 2014, Stellar represents an entire system of low-cost financial services. The platform provides software, documentation, and tools for integration to the Stellar network. The network is powered by Lumens (XLM), the native Stellar asset. Read the article below to find out what Stellar cryptocurrency is about
What is Stellar Lumen