Bitcoin hard fork: our official statement

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Bitcoin hard fork: our official statement

We would like to notify you that on August 1st, the Bitcoin blockchain will hardfork. This may lead to separated cryptocurrencies, the original Bitcoin (BTC) and the new Bitcoin Cash (BCC).

Whatever the outcome might be, the updates will influence blockchain stability. For this reason, on July 31 we will temporarily stop the trades until the network comes back to normal. It means that for a short while you will be unable to trade Bitcoin pairs on Changelly. Unfortunately, we can’t predict the timelines when Bitcoin gets back.

However, most probably that certain popular crypto pairs will still remain available for trading (e.g. ETH-LTC).

We strongly suggest you to keep your Bitcoins on wallets that provide your private keys. After the hard fork you will be able to import the keys and receive BCC in BTC equivalent. Store the keys in a safe place nobody else has access to.

We will keep an eye on the major trading platforms to see how the hard fork influences the market. Depending on these factors, we may consider BCC to be listed on Changelly.

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If you have any questions about the forthcoming hard fork, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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