Bitcoin Price Bull-run: Crypto Market “Weighs” More than $160 billion!

crypto market capitalization
Bitcoin (BTC) responded celebrated the 1th of April with huge growth. Cryptocurrency market has become “bullish”?

During the previous year the eyes of crypto investors were focused on the older brother all crypto – Bitcoin and now the crypto market can see a shift from its dead center!

Bitcoin rate on April 1, 2019, Monday, is growing against the background of a general revival of the crypto market. The total market cap has increased by more than $3 billion to the level of 145,093 billion of US dollars. The capitalization of the main cryptocurrency is 72.631 billion dollars.

On Tuesday, April 2, the rate of Bitcoin at the time of this writing is 4.759 US dollars already. So Bitcoin rose in price for 16.03% compared to the previous day, what makes the further predictions even more positive.

In and out the boat

Not all currencies are traded in the green zone. Those who managed to get in the green crypto boat show us a positive trend, in contrast to those currencies that were left behind. Below you will see a list of the most traded and non-traded currencies in the last 24 hours.

Top GainersTop Losers
Tigereum – $0.050323 – 169.60%Volt $0.000967 – 44.25%
Dogecoin – $0.002541 – 13.05%BitcoinX – $0.002079 – 23.61%
Cardano – $0.078598 – 12.89%
PTON – $0.001592 – 16.12%
NEO – $11.10 – 11.78%
AICHAIN – $0.003115 – 13.68%
Litecoin – $67.57 – 11.31%MINDOL – $0.565688 – 10.01%
NEM – $0.061794 – 11.29%Melon – $9.05 – 8.98%
TRON – $0.026262 – 11.27%
BitcoinZ – $0.000310 – 8.05%
EOS – $4.60 – 9.90%Ankr Network – $0.012424 – 7.74%
Binance Coin – $19.35 – 9.73%
IOTA – $0.345406 – 9.45%
Bitcoin Cash – $183.30 – 8.92%
Stellar – $0.117891 – 8.59%
ETH – $153.287.89%
XRP – $0.333972 – 7.13%

The biggest winner and the “captain’s” right hand is Tigereum for now that caught the highest hype and rose in the price for 169.60% that is $0.050323 at the writing time.

The other “crypto-friends” didn’t go that far. Dogecoin and Cardano are at the second and third places and rose for 13.05% and 12.89%. NEO are Litecoin achieved their “to the moon” and rose for the last 24 hours for almost 12%!

However, there are some swimmers overboard that is trying to catch up and the saddest position took the cryptocurrency Volt which price dropped down for – 44.25% that is $0.000967. Let’s wish them to keep up with the cryptocurrency market!

Who will land on the Moon?

As we can see according to the cryptocurrencies sharply upward rushing, there might be a correction that has been taking place on the crypto market.

The main cryptocurrencies on Tuesday sharply jumped to the top within the framework of a long-overdue correction on the market, while ignoring even the negative news.

As financial scouts believe, on the crypto market, there is now a need for corrective growth to a protracted rather deep fall. In their opinion, the rate of Bitcoin in the short term can strengthen up to $ 5.000, Ethereum – up to $155, XRP – up to $0.35, and Litecoin – up to $ 70. Time will show what is real perspective for growth.

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