Сrypto Wallets for NEO in 2021, List of 5 Best NEO Wallets

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The NEO cryptocurrency, formerly called Antshares, is the first Chinese Ethereum counterpart. The project was established in 2014, and the source code was published as early as 2015. The NEO coin and its blockchain are aimed at creating a smart economy with a distributed network.

Like Ethereum, NEO is an application development platform in which a proprietary token is a necessity, not an end in itself. This is not about cryptocurrency but a project aimed at developing the blockchain sphere. 

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If you have already decided to invest in NEO, you are probably interested in storing your cryptocurrency. There is a wide range of crypto wallets for NEO, so you can choose the one that suits you the best. 

#1. Neo GUI Wallet


Neo GUI wallet is a full node cryptocurrency wallet that works in Neo 3 blockchain. The wallet uses Electron cross-platform technology. Neo GUI is available for Windows 10 and macOS users. 

The wallet is an open-source that makes it transparent for every NEO user. Since you don’t need to address to any third-party services, the data is stored in the wallet. The private key is encrypted and stored by the wallet files and passwords.

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Neo GUI supports all kinds of NEP-5 and NEP-6 cryptocurrencies. 

#2. Neo CLI Wallet

cli neo

Neo CLI wallet is another desktop wallet. It is a full-node command-line client that helps users to store NEO assets. The wallet is not suitable for newbies and oriented on developers. It is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. 

#3. Neon Wallet

neon wallet

Neon wallet is a desktop wallet for NEO cryptocurrency. The developers of this wallet focused on user-experience and interface. Neon wallet is light that means that it relies on central service. User needs to trust the data to third-party service. 

The wallet is available for download on macOS, Linux, and Windows. It supports NEP-2 and NEP-5 tokens. 

#4. Exodus Wallet


Exodus is a popular desktop and mobile application. This wallet allows users to receive, send, and swap many cryptocurrencies, including Neo. The wallet is not open source that means that users cannot trust the developers completely. 

One of the advantages is wallet multi-storage. Users can store Neo and other cryptocurrencies just in one place. 

The wallet supports only Neo coin and doesn’t support NEP tokens.

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#5. Ledger Nano S 

ledger nano s neo

Ledger Nano S is a multi-currency hardware wallet. The developers focused on security, so the private key is stored on the hardware chip. This wallet is light, and it relies on the central service. The wallet does not support any NEP tokens, only Neo coin. 

Ledger Nano Wallet vs. Trezor

Whether you hold NEO in the medium or long term, a hardware wallet is your best bet to keep your money safe from hackers’ eyes. Ledger Nano s added NEO support in the last quarter of 2017 and works with the NEON wallet.

Closing Thoughts

Even though there are some wallets for storing Neo cryptocurrency, we examined the most popular ones. By the way, you can also use the good old paper wallet, but do not forget about the specifics of its use. We already wrote about how to use and store such wallets.

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