Crypto Airdrops in 2020 Explained

Best crypto airdrops 2019-2020
Best crypto airdrops 2019-2020

The world of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve: while some coins sink into oblivion, new ones appear. In order to attract attention to their crypto projects, developers organize free crypto airdrops. This is another way to get free crypto aside from Bitcoin faucets and websites alike. Let’s observe the most profitable airdrop crypto projects and figure out how to get new coins for your portfolio. 

What is an airdrop?

To airdrop cryptocurrency means to give away crypto coins or ‘drop’ them to individuals’ crypto wallets for performing certain tasks. As a rule, it involves:

  • Registering on the official website/via a Google form;
  • Chatting with a Telegram bot;
  • Spreading the word about the crypto project on social media;
  • Referring other users;
  • Spreading links.

This way users are incentivized for simple tasks. What’s the point of sharing airdrop cryptocurrencies? For the company, this is a way to advertise oneself and attract audience, for participants – a possibility to get crypto coins that might have some value in the future. It’s a win-win scenario. 

Alternatively, new coins can be airdropped to the holders of some specific cryptocurrency (for example, NEO holders received Ontology coins), but this is a different story. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the 2019-2020 free crypto coin airdrops most worthy of attention.

Best airdrops 2019-2020


ARC IRIS airdrop
ARC IRIS airdrop

ARC IRIS project was established to revolutionize the mining process by using wind, solar and hydrogen technology to run crypto-mining farms in a more ecological and cost-efficient way. 

It will provide a safe long-term investment with upside coin exposure, secured against crypto volatility by guaranteeing reduced operating expenses. The project will be using Hydrogen innovative technologies to control the digital currency miners. 

How to get the coin: Chat with ARC IRIS Telegram Bot, follow their Twitter and Facebook pages, register on the ARC IRIS website, perform other tasks.
Coins airdropped: 500 ACI (~$50,00)
Ticker: ACI (YoDollar)

If you’re not new to the world of cryptocurrency, then you probably know about the cryptocurrency exchange. They run a Telegram bot where you can sell and buy cryptocurrency directly. They use YODA token for paying trading fees, while YoDollar allows exchanging crypto without paying commission at all. The platform is becoming increasingly popular thanks to zero-commission trading and fast transactions, and the new crypto airdrops will attract thousands of new customers.  

How to get the coin: Chat with YoBit’s Telegram Bot, join their Telegram Group, register on CryptoTalk form and paste the received code in CryptoTalk thread.
Coins airdropped: 700 YoDollar (~$30,10)
Ticker: YoDollar

Brave Browser (BAT)

Brave Browser
Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a safe browser with the in-built ad and tracking blocker that allows you to surf the Net privately and securely. It loads pages twice faster on the desktop and 8x faster on mobile devices. You can get free Basic Attention Token (BAT) for performing simple tasks like downloading and using their browser, as well as watching ads (available only for users from US, France, UK, Canada, and Germany). 

The main role of BAT on the platform is obtaining a variety of advertising and attention-based services. Thus, it’s used to reward users for paying their attention and their mental engagement. 

How to get the coin: Download the Brave Browser, click the BAT icon on the browser interface and get rewards, refer users ($5 worth of BATs for each referred user).
Coins airdropped: 54,45 BAT ($10)
Ticker: BAT

Origin Protocol (OGN)

The project allows each user to own a piece of their network. Buyers and sellers can earn OGN tokens simply by running apps on the basis of Origin and performing transactions. Besides that, affiliates and marketplace operators can also get OGN rewards for promoting sellers’ listings. Thus, the ecosystem incentivizes active participation and mutual help. 

How to get the coin: Go to Origin Protocol’s Airdrop page and download the app on your desktop or mobile. Create a wallet, verify your personality, and perform the tasks described. You can earn up to 1,300 OGN tokens (~$176) by completing all offered tasks.
Coins airdropped: 44 OGN ($6) +up to 1,300 OGN (~$176)
Ticker: OGN

Juiice (JUI)

What Juiice platform is about
What Juiice platform is about

Juiice is a platform for sharing user-generated content where participants will be rewarded for the materials they publish.

How to get the coin: Chat with the Juiice Telegram Bot and join Juiice Telegram Group. Follow their Twitter page and register on the Juiice website. Earn more by joining their Facebook groups and reading ICO announcements. 
Coins airdropped: 75,000 JUI ($15) 
Ticker: JUI


Prometheus blockchain platform enables the integration between business processes and blockchain to help the adoption of blockchain in the world. It has created a fully functional MVP to connect users’ databases to existing blockchain infrastructure. Thus, you decide which of your apps/processes/tools should function on blockchain. 

How to get the coin: Go to Prometheus Airdrop page, join Prometheus social media groups and Telegram group, subscribe to their YouTube channel. 
Coins airdropped: 130 PRO (~$13) 
Ticker: PRO

Swissborg (CHSB)

Swissborg architecture
Swissborg architecture

This is a blockchain-based community-driven investment ecosystem that allows users to create their crypto portfolio in a smart way. The project offers comprehensive tools for investment and crypto management, as well as top-notch security. Users will enjoy a reward for the contribution to the system, discounts for investment fees, the possibility to vote and staking benefits. Please, note that not all countries are supported for the airdrop (check the list here). 

How to get the coin: Download the Swissborg app on your mobile phone, register and verify your mobile phone. Participate in BTC price predictions, refer friends, complete challenges. 
Coins airdropped: 1750 CHSB (~$28) 
Ticker: CHSB

Freelanex (FLXC)

Freelanex is a decentralized platform for performing deals by using a decentralized system and smart contracts. The platform establishes transparent relationships between clients and freelancers eliminating the issues of trust. 

How to get the coin: Join their Telegram group and announcement channel, follow their Twitter page, provide your ERC20 wallet and perform optional tasks.  
Coins airdropped: 7350 FLXC (~$29) 
Ticker: FLXC

There is a myriad of new crypto airdrops, and some can bring you pretty good income in the long term. Keep tabs on the new projects appearing and don’t miss your chance to jump on the bandwagon and try the best airdrop campaigns.

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