How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) in Bulk and Top 5 Bitcoin OTC Brokers

Best Bitcoin OTC Brokers

Institutional investors started entering the cryptocurrency market last year being attracted by fantastic profits from digital assets. Cryptocurrency hedge funds, foreign exchange funds, and mutual funds – organizations started taking Bitcoin seriously and search for ways to add BTC to their portfolios. But how to buy a lot of Bitcoins safely?

Our guide is here to explain what Bitcoin OTC brokers are and provide a list of the most trustworthy options. 

How to Buy Large Amounts of Bitcoin?

Of course, you can buy a large amount of crypto on a traditional centralized exchange, but it will be difficult. First, the exchange may simply lack the amount of requested assets. Secondly, as you complete the order, you will see an increase in the quotes of purchased coins, so there is no fixed price for such transactions.

As a rule, exchange transactions with large amounts of crypto lead to serious fluctuations in the exchange rate. For example, in 2013, one client bought 25,000 BTC worth $15 million on an exchange, and this transaction led to an increase in the exchange rate from $527 to $753.

In case with OTC transactions, you can agree on a fixed price that will be slightly higher than the exchange rate (most often, it’s + 1%). As a result, as a rule, the agreed price of an OTC transaction turns out to be higher than on a regular exchange. Thus, OTC Bitcoin transactions are way more profitable for major investors. 

What Are OTC Brokers?

The OTC (Over the Counter) market of cryptocurrencies appeared even before the introduction of classic crypto exchanges, but OTC platforms for large transactions started appearing only in 2013-2014. The sites were created by former traders, hedge funds, payment systems and miners. The daily turnover on such websites equals to $100 mln and higher.

One of such services, Genesis Trading, processes transactions worth $ 75-80 million in one trading day. Judging by the April statement by CEO Michael Moreau, this is 10 times higher than in the last year. Monthly turnover of deals on Genesis Trading reaches $1.5-2 bln.

The main difference between a regular crypto exchange and an OTC broker is the sum of transactions. OTC Bitcoin market is represented by the exchanges that process transactions worth at least $50,000! Some brokers have a $500,000 minimal transaction limit. 

Pros and cons of OTC trading market

Lack of restrictions. The OTC market assumes a high entry threshold for investors, but, theoretically, there is no maximum limit of transactions (it only depends on the funds available on the broker’s service).There is no way to quickly buy or sell cryptocurrency. For large transactions, it will take some time to search for a counterparty. In some cases, it may turn out that some brokers are not able to ensure the delivery of the necessary crypto amount. Processing of large orders might take a lot of time.
High level of security and transparency. When large sums are involved in the game, appropriate security measures must be taken to preserve investor assets. In addition, brokers must comply with the requirements of the KYC and AML policies in order to prevent money laundering and criminal actions.A limited selection of cryptocurrencies for purchase in large amounts. Only 10 cryptocurrencies have a market cap of more than 1 billion. And the amount of funds participating in the auction is even less. Therefore, for some cryptocurrencies, suppliers simply will not be able to provide the necessary number of coins. As a rule, crypto OTC trading mostly involves transactions with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin.
High liquidity. The OTC market provides opportunities to purchase digital assets for a large amount at one price and in one order.Direct purchases from counterparties might occur at a less favourable rate than on exchanges, or involve increased commissions.
The ability to purchase cryptocurrencies for fiat directly. Many cryptocurrency exchanges do not provide the opportunity to buy a cryptocurrency for fiat or offer a limited selection of currencies. OTC trading is suitable only for long-term investments since it will not be possible to quickly find buyers and sellers within one or several days to make a profit. In most cases, it is not possible to automate the trading process as regular crypto exchanges do.
Cryptocurrency is sent to the wallet immediately, where it can be stored safely.

The Best BTC OTC Brokers

Let’s review the giants of OTC trading market. These brokers for otc stocks boast exceptional reliability and convenience of use.

#5. Bitfinex

Bitfinex OTC

Being established in 2012 in Hong Kong, Bitfinex allows users to trade cryptocurrency worth $100,000 privately via its OTC facilities.

There are two basic options available:

  • Instant liquidity via Bitfinex’s OTC desk;
  • Direct trading with other Bitfinex users.

In fall 2019, Bitfinex has also launched Ethfinex Trustless – a decentralized OTC platform for ERC-20 token trading. It charges 0.02% for transactions. Platform users choose the token they want to exchange, the volume of the transaction and the token they want to receive.

After that, Ethfinex blocks tokens and generates a special link that must be sent to the second participant in the transaction accepting its terms. The platform is intended exclusively for peer-to-peer exchange which means the user will have to search for a buyer on their own, or with the help of third-party brokers.

Users will be able to exchange almost all ERC-20 tokens, even those that are absent on Ethfinex main exchange. Ethfinex works with MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor and Keystor hardware wallets.

#4. Circle

Circle Trade is the OTC brokerage department of the Circle financial startup which received investment from Goldman Sachs. Circle Trade provides a private digital asset broker for affluent individuals and institutional investors, and its estimated turnover is about $ 2 bln per month.

Business Insider reports that the company has recently increased its minimum admission limit from $ 250,000 to $ 500,000 with an average deal of around $1 mln. According to Circle’s CEO Jeremy Allaire, some deals exceed $100 mln.

#3. HitBTC


Established in 2013, HitBTC provides both a regular cryptocurrency exchange and OTC services. The minimum limit for OTC trading is $100,000 with 0.01% commission per trade. It should be noted that HitBTC does not manage such trading itself – it serves as a mediator between a trader and, their partner.

#2. Kraken

Being founded in 2011 in San Francisco, Kraken is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the industry, especially from the point of Euro turnover. The platform offers OTC deals for trading volumes over $100,000 and provides a dedicated account manager for high-volume regular traders. The exchange supports CAD, USD, EUR and YEN fiat currencies.

kraken otc

#1. Changelly

Having appeared in 2015, Changelly provides instant fiat/crypto and crypto/crypto exchange. With the support of 200+ cryptocurrencies, it allows you to buy any popular crypto asset in any amount. Changelly keeps its commissions low and has no limits on crypto-to-crypto OTC Bitcoin trading.

The platform guarantees the safety of transactions: once your order is closed, cryptocurrency will be immediately sent to your credit card. Today, USD, EUR, and GBP fiat currencies are supported.

changelly buy btc

Where Else to Trade BTC in Bulk?

#1. Coinbase Pro

One of the leading crypto exchanges, Coinbase Pro provides two options for the clients:

Coinbase brokerage service allows for purchasing BTC worth up to $25,000 a day. Although the price is close to the average market price, Coinbase takes 1% transaction, which is quite expensive taking into consideration the sums involved.

Coinbase Pro has no maximum limits for daily BTC purchase. When users place their orders, the market price is calculated instant, and the investor is considered as a taker with the fee of 0.10-0.25%. At the same time, if your order is not matched the existing offers immediately, you will be considered as a maker and charged 0%.

#2. Bitstamp

This is the first fully licensed European crypto exchange regulated by CSSF, the supervisor of the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance. The offices of Bitstamp Ltd are located in Luxembourg, New York and London.

Bitstamp became the first cryptocurrency exchange to cooperate with Swiss banks – a cooperation agreement with Swissquote was signed in July 2017. The daily trading volume on Bitstamp is more than $ 1.3 billion. The transaction fee is 0.5% (with a large monthly trading volume, it can be reduced to 0.2%).

Bottom Line

When it comes to OTC Bitcoin trading, investors need a higher level of security and transparency. While usual crypto exchanges lack funds and accreditation to perform large-scale crypto transactions, OTC brokers address all those issues and provide safe and profitable transactions.