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How to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum (BTC to ETH)?

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How to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum (BTC to ETH)?

On Changelly, you can easily exchange BTC to any other crypto of those listed on the platform. However, one can say that Ethereum (ETH) is one of the major assets of the contemporary crypto market. Ethereum is based on its own blockchain technology, which is also widely implemented to launch tokens. That is why how to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum (BTC to ETH) is one of the most demanded questions in crypto exchange segment.

How to buy bitcoins?

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How to buy bitcoins?

Historically, Bitcoin (BTC) is the first decentralized currency that started the phenomenon of crypto. As for now, it is the best-known currency, which is also often used as an intermediary currency, which means that exchanging one crypto to another, you need to exchange it to BTC that will be then converted to the output currency. So, Bitcoin can be described today as the best-reputed currency, and its blockchain plays a key role in crypto market functioning.

Bears vs. Bulls in Crypto: Market Players

Bears vs. Bulls in Crypto: Market Players

The crypto world has many things in common with traditional financial stock exchanges. There are similar terms, rules and principles. And there are similar ways of behavior, as well, when people make bids and asks for crypto that, eventually, have an impact on rates. Bulls and Bears are the main players that HODL the market as it is.

Changelly’s API: how does it work

Changelly’s API: how does it work

Changelly Affiliate Program features a referral link, payment button, banners and customizable widget for every our regular user. These tools allow gaining the 50% forever lasting revenue share for each transaction other users make via either of them.

But what’s in that for you, if you run a business and develop your own product? Changelly provides API for all crypto enthusiasts who run a project, whether it’s a cryptocurrency wallet or marketplace. Your users will be able to swap between cryptos right within the interface of your product. And you will get a revenue for each transaction performed this way.

Difference between API and Affiliate Program

Unlike the API, Affiliate tools represent an HTML source code you can integrate into your crypto/IT related blog, website or post on social media. Basically, this is a simple method to provide visitors with payment options and monetize the flow. These tools can be used by any individual who is registered on Changelly without prior notification.

The API, in turn, is a mechanism tightly integrated into the product interface that maintains exchange processes. It is designed mostly for service providers, such as cryptocurrency wallets, marketplaces or crowdfunding platforms.

Changelly’s API uses the same algorithms as the website, so your users don’t need to go to the website for exchanging crypto. Instead, they initiate a transaction and all manipulations related only on your service. The API acts as a hidden engine enabling your users to easily exchange their coins or make purchases.


Blockmarket is one of crypto marketplaces that works with Changelly’s API. The marketplace has its native SYS token and works similarly to eBay, so you can buy goods here for SYS. The API integrated allows using any coin supported on Changelly itself that is automatically converted into SYS in a seamless way. Thus, the API payment options for Blockmarket users and gives additional benefits to the product team.

Your benefits from our API

Unlike Affiliate tools that provide 50% of our revenue, API commission fee is charged differently. You can set up any commission fee you find reasonable to charge your customers with.

To get this fee assigned to all the transactions to be made via our API, you’ll just need to contact our product team at [email protected] providing them with the link to your service and specifying the fee percentage you suggest. It’s important to keep in mind that Changelly fee will be charged as well, so the full amount charged from your customers’ transactions will make your own customizable fee plus 0.5%, charged by Changelly.

Who works with Changelly’s API?

We are partnered with plenty of well-known crypto projects that successfully work with our API. Below are some of them.


  • BRD
  • Myceluim
  • Official NEM/XEM
  • Coinomi
  • Coinpayments
  • Naga

Marketplaces and other platforms

  • Syscoin
  • Particl
  • Zcoin
  • AeronCoin

More integrations to come!

How to integrate API?

Please find our code examples at GitHub. The main step-by-step guide on how to use the API is available on the Changelly website. In case anything remains unclear, do not hesitate to contact our team at [email protected] so they can lead you through the process.

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Wallets with Changelly’s API on board

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Wallets with Changelly’s API on board

We all know how easier new technologies make our lives. Especially, when it comes to means for managing your cryptos. We at Changelly are so excited to work with other teams and participate in making cryptocurrency market easy and friendly place for everyone. That’s why you can find Changelly integrated into many multicurrency wallets. With Changelly onboard, they will allow you to easily swap between one crypto asset to another at the best rate available right within the wallet app!

So, what are the wallets with Changelly and how do they work? Have a look!

Where to store crypto?

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Where to store crypto?

Even though cryptocurrency and blockchain now are well known to public, there are still millions of questions about where to store crypto.

So, how can you actually possess a bitcoin or any other digital money? Let’s focus on one of the most important cryptocurrency part — a wallet. This one is tricky, it may seem quite understandable from the first glance — a wallet where you store your digital coins! — But it is not as simple as it looks.