Earn More with Changelly’s Affiliate Program


Changelly’s affiliate program is a great way to get more out of your platform and content. There are no hidden fees — only high, transparent profits!

Changelly’s Affiliate Program Overview

Here are the four main things you should know about our affiliate program:

  1. Lifetime revenue share

Changelly’s affiliate program does not have an expiration date — you can take advantage of our high revenue share rates forever. 

  1. Both F2C and C2C

Unlike most programs of this kind, ours allows you to get a revenue share from both crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto transactions. Crypto purchases are a highly in-demand service and might be a better fit for some platforms compared to exchanges.

  1. The dashboard. Simple yet packed with lots of features

We’ve designed our affiliate dashboard to be just like all of our products and services — it’s fully intuitive and easy to use while having quite a punch underneath its sleek and minimalist exterior. You can use it to track your earnings, organize payouts, set up any new tools you would like to use, and more.

  1. Customizable affiliate tools

Our program gives you access to four different affiliate tools that can all be customized and help you make the most out of your platform.


Changelly’s affiliate program gives users access to four different tools: widgets, banners, buttons, and links. All of them have a minimalistic design that won’t look out of place on any platform. All of these tools have been designed to provide our affiliate partners with maximum profit.


Widgets are like miniature portable versions of our instant exchange platform that you can place on your platform. They can be used to execute both fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto transactions and have exactly the same functionality as our service. They are a great choice for affiliate partners that have their own websites or platforms. With our widget, your users will get access to cheap crypto purchases and exchanges at great rates, and you will get a cut of the transaction fees.


While widgets are amazing at what they do, they can take up much space. Buttons are a great alternative for partners who don’t want or can’t dedicate that much space to affiliate tools on their web pages or would prefer to receive a lifetime revenue share instead of a cut from each transaction performed via the widget. Buttons will redirect the user to our platform, and you can choose the exact crypto pair the user will see in the widget. 

Referral Links

Referral links are extremely easy to use and can be placed almost anywhere: in the middle of the text, on buttons, pictures, and so on. They simply redirect the user to our platform. Just like buttons, you can set them up to redirect the user to a specific exchange/purchase.


Banners act in a similar way to buttons — they get placed on your platform and redirect users to ours. They are essentially a referral link placed on a picture. We offer some ready-made designs for you to use, but you can always request a new, more personalized one.


If you have your own crypto app or website and aim to go one step further, you can also choose to integrate our API into your platform.

The Changelly API is similar to widgets and performs mostly in the same way — it allows your users to make Changelly-powered exchanges directly on your platform. Unlike widgets, API is fully customizable but does not support F2C transactions. It also has different rates. If you’re interested in integrating our API into your platform, please contact us via [email protected].


Changelly’s affiliate program is completely free to join and to use, so you will never have to worry about any fees. Our rates are very simple and depend on your tool of choice.

Each user that gets redirected to our website via a button, banner, or referral link placed on your website will be considered your referee forever if they make an exchange or a purchase on our platform. The revenue share is 50% for crypto-to-crypto transactions and 30% for fiat-to-crypto transactions.

Widgets offer a slightly higher commission, so you will be able to get 50% of Changelly’s revenue from each transaction performed via your platform.

Please note that all of our rates are fully negotiable — you can email [email protected] for more details.


Withdrawals start from 100 USD. For crypto-to-crypto (C2C) transactions, the revenue share is paid in either ETH or BTC. For fiat-to-crypto (F2C) ones, it is paid in USDT20.

How to Join

Becoming Changelly’s affiliate is as easy as ABC! You can join our program in three easy steps:

  • Click the “Become an Affiliate” button.
  • Choose your preferred method for signing up and follow the instructions.

That’s it! Now that you have an account on our platform, you can set up your affiliate campaign.

First Steps

The first step you will take as Changelly’s affiliate will depend on what kind of learner you are — do you prefer to explore all the features yourself, or do you like reading about them first? If you’d rather do the latter, then you’re welcome to read our FAQ. If you prefer the former, let’s dive right in and click “Enter dashboard”!

Meet your affiliate dashboard — it has all you need to start making and managing your affiliate income. Here, you can set up and tweak your tools, see all the necessary stats, request a payout, and more.

Set Up Your First Tool

First, you will need to decide what tool you would like to try. Here are the tools we would recommend based on the kind of platform you have:

Social MediaReferral Link
Website, Online MarketplaceWidget, Banner
BlogButton, Referral Link

Of course, which tool will fit your platform best will depend on a lot more factors than solely its type. For example, some audiences react better to non-intrusive links, while others are more eager to click on banners. We recommend trying out all four tools or, at least, learning more about them — many of our partners end up using a combination of two or three different tools.

Scroll down your dashboard to see the types of tools we offer and click on the one you are most interested in.

On the next page, you will be able to customize your chosen tool and set up your widget. The setup process differs depending on the type of tool. We recommend using easily recognizable and memorable names for all your tools so that you can effortlessly navigate stats later on down the line.

Once you have set everything up, just place your tool of choice on your platform and start earning.

Check How Much You’ve Made

In order to see how much you’ve made and how well your tools have been performing, click on the “Statistics” tab on the top of your Dashboard and choose which tool you want to see the stats for.

Here, you can check your total turnover for both transaction types, the transaction history of your referees, and request a full report on all your referral activities. 

Withdraw Your Earnings

To withdraw your earnings, head to the “Payouts” tab. 

  1. Choose the type of revenue share you would like to withdraw and click the button. 
  2. Select the currency for your payout.
  3. Convert your balance to your chosen currency and click on “Withdraw.”
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to get the payout in your crypto wallet.

Got Any Questions?

Our helpful affiliate managers are always available to answer any of your questions — you can contact them via [email protected]. If you have any general questions about our platform, you can open a ticket here or chat with our support team directly via live chat.

Read the full terms of our affiliate program here.