Monetize the Metaverse with Adshares 

Ads are pretty much a staple of modern life. They are everywhere — on the streets, on all kinds of websites, and in our favorite TV shows. It’s no surprise that they have reached the metaverse, too.

However, traditional ads seem rather… unfitting for the decentralized world created using blockchain technology. Apart from the fact that traditional advertising networks and strategies don’t work in virtual reality worlds, they also go against the fundamental principles these spaces were built on.

As a result, there arose a demand for decentralized monetization and advertising buying platforms. Although many platforms attempted to fill this niche, only a few succeeded. Adshares, an incredibly innovative decentralized adtech protocol, is one of them.

What Is Adshares?

Adshares is an advertising exchange protocol designed for all kinds of digital advertising, including the metaverse. To put it simply, it allows users to monetize space in the next-gen virtual reality world. Although this industry is incredibly young and changes rapidly, Adshares is fully scalable, decentralized, and secure, which makes it unprecedentedly future-proof.

As one of the first and the most advanced blockchain-based projects in the advertising industry, Adshares gives users a unique opportunity to monetize their platforms and content and advertise using fully decentralized technology. Additionally, it allows users to rent space inside not only the metaverse but also blockchain games, NFT exhibitions, websites, and even Digital Out Of Home media.

The protocol uses its own unique blockchain to connect publishers and advertisers and provides a platform for them to make deals directly without any intermediaries. The ADS coin is the only thing one needs to get access to the ecosystem and the services it provides. 

The protocol’s native coin operates on an ultra-fast dPoS blockchain that has cross-chain functionality with the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon.

Adshares Superpowers

Adshares aims to create a system where everyone can earn money using their assets on their own terms. They democratize and decentralize digital advertising in the metaverse and blockchain spaces.

The Adshares protocol creates a system where anyone who owns any sort of space on blockchain platforms can monetize it and use it to earn a passive income. Its superpower is Use2Earn. The protocol makes sure that if you own it, you can make money off of it.

As the protocol is easy to use and to set up, it is perfect even for beginners. The payment terms are clear and fair, and you can get paid every hour. All this allows Adshares to have incredibly high stats in metaverse impact. Not only is it beneficial to the users but also to the industry as a whole. After all, this approach can help the space gain wider public recognition with the promise of more profits.

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Web3 technologies are developing at a rapid rate, and they are definitely going to play a big role in the future. A decentralized world requires decentralized solutions, so services like Adshares are bound to be in demand as we move into virtual reality.

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